Since 1992, the Province of Groningen in the Netherlands has been hit by over 1000 earthquakes due to gas extraction. This has led to 100,000 claims. Albert and Annemarie live in the heart of the earthquake zone. In and around their farm, dozens of cameras are installed to record the quakes. It is a difficult issue cause 7,6 million households in the Netherlands and 6,9 million in Belgium, Italy, France, and Germany depend on Dutch natural gas.
In Vierakker in Holland, a farmer tries to run his whole farm on solar energy. He puts the electricity in a special huge battery so that he can use the energy at night. He also wants to save power by using an electric food robot and LED- lights. A camera team from Dbc Media has followed the Photonenfamer for four years. Info: Mail:
 Cattle farming is a major industry involving large amounts of animal waste. Most farms with pigs, chickens, and cows don't have enough land, so the manure has to be transported to crop farmers elsewhere. In the Netherlands, it involves transporting 750,000 truckloads of manure a year. The fertilizer consists of 90% water and 10% organic matter and minerals. The concept developed in the Netherlands by the InnovationNetwork uses manure for energy on the farm itself and duckweed and algae as feed. This is how Ecoferm was born. Filmmaking for the InnovatieNetwork concept at the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation in Amsterdam. Information Email
Single golf is an innovative Idea about building a golf course in nature and farmers' land. Video made bij dbc media for InnovationNetwork Netherlands 
The climate is changing and therefore the old Dutch rivers need more space. Time for innovative ideas by InnovationNetwork in the Netherlands
In Volendam in the Netherlands InnovationNetwork tries together with Glasaalvolendam BV to save the population of wild eel. The problem is that there are not enough young eels in the ocean, cause we eat them all. Therefore in the Netherlands, the University of Leiden together with GlasaalVolendam tries to grow the population of eels in a laboratory. A camera team from DBC Media followed for years the reproduction of the eel.Production: Mail:

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